Comments--Productivity at Work

I'm still going through your journal - wow! My boss just figures I'm doing alot of overtime!

Jo Lucas, Canada

Thoroughly enjoyed your trip. My wife and I are preparing for our first international vacation (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and N. Italy) ourselves in a few weeks (that is why I was browsing the net during lunch and found your story). Your story has me ready to go. For the record, I laughed. My only complaint is that I'll have to stay late the rest of week to make up the time spent reading your journal.

Take care,

Jeff Deal

Like the top tips for travellers scattered about the diary. A good read at the end of the day when you dont want to do any more work!

Steve Taylor

WOW! That was amazing. I spent an entire shift at work mesmerized by the whole trip. I'm not sure I'd ever do it myself on such a grand scale, but I would love to do something similar.

Thanks for a great story!

Aaron Sims

Just a quick note of thanks. I'm assuming that your travels were rather recent, but mine were almost 10 years ago. Your text and photos brought back some extremely fond memories for me. I was a student in England and spent quite a bit of time travelling in Europe.

This was a nice break to my working day.

Greg Cazabon

It's funny. I looked up at the clock and realized that I've been online for four hours living your adventure through this WWW page. THANK YOU so much for providing this wonderful experience of your trip.

I thought the journal writing was excellent and the pictures were terrific. BTW I am married, 30, and a software engineer.

I congratulate you on your courage and stamina for the trip.

Thanks for the wonderful 4 hour diversion.

Tom Ridley