Started reading your journal today - have gotten to Nepal. I'm learning lots. I was in Thailand leading a group of teachers and students for 2 weeks around Thailand just a few weeks after you were there (1992). Sorry you did not like Samui - we were at the Victorian Hotel, Small Chaweng. It must have slowed down in March because the beach was almost deserted (it was less so at Main Chaweng, but still a lot less than the pictures I've seen of the beaches on Phuket). I vividly remember driving in the on coming trafic lane, especially when the on coming traffic passed us on the dirt as our bus driver was not going to stop passing the traffic in our own lane - I'm glad the student's parents were not there to see it! We also enjoyed the elephant ride and northern tribe trek - I visited the replica of the camp site of the Lewis and Clark expedition at the mouth of the Columbia - it was almost identical to the building we slept in in the Lhau village. An experience we had that you missed was staying on a floating hotel far up the Kwai River close to the Burma border - talk about the extreme opposite to Bangkok. You also missed visiting the floating market at Damnoen Saduak. These are two experiences I will want to repeat when I return to Thailand. When I've read the rest of your journal I'll drop you another note. Thanks for making it so interesting to read.

Grant Wilson, Squamish, B.C., Canada

Only had time to look at Thailand, (where I've been). You've chronicled it beautifully. I had similar experiences. Too bad you missed Phan ghan. Haad Rin beach was something else. We had "big fun" up in Chiang Mai, Phuket, Phi Phi, Lanta, Samui. ... I have a couple of my pictures at my site in the picture gallery. Come check it out. I'll review the rest of your site when I have time. Thanks for taking the time to put it out on the web! Martin

Martin Berson