I quite enjoyed looking briefly at the photos of Oz. While I recognised most of them, I guess there are many people who have never been here and so have no idea where they are. I would therefore suggest that some captions would improve you display.


David Brown

Very wordy. Not enough rest for the eye, since paragraph breaks aren't used.

Howard J. Strodtman

Great. Suggestion -- Could you provide a Title or Description uder each photo? It would sure be nice to know what the picture was taken of. Could you take me next time . Thanks.

Les Preiss

Great idea, and story. I wished throughout the thing you'd tell more about what I'm interested in when I travel (mostly Europe). The people and culture. I learned a lot about your expenses and the sights but I'm much more interested in what the natives had to say. What you ate one night, what you drank. The weird dessert here, the drunken escapade you went on one night. Buying groceries and eating like the natives is most of the trip to me. I felt sorry for you going to so many Burger Kings. Who can you meet there? I've never eaten anything remotely American while overseas, for obvious reasons. Whoppers and Big Macs are usually more expensive than the groceries I buy for lunch, and so much more dull! It's a shame you didn't like Brussels, one of the most "European" cities - beautiful and old. Maybe you were tired, and it is expensive. I love Belgium though - THE best beer in the world (why didn't you write about it!!!) I hope you didn't miss it! Congrats on having the balls to pull this off. Most of us don't have the time, money, or lack of obligations to do it (kids). Thanks to you I won't be traveling to India anytime soon!


Nice collection of pictures, BUT, tell us what we're looking at! The obvious we can recognize (Eiffle Tower) but otherwise, I'm a little lost.

Jeff Keating

I was very interested to read parts of your journal(s), but not very often interested by them. I guess this is partly due to the format. Okay, so you are writing a journal and you get behind, but surely you could have done a little editing and research? Nothing major, but for example, instead of saying "A river runs right through Paris" (cf "There's a statue in New York Harbor") you could have looked through your guidebook or at a map of France/Paris and discovered it was the River Seine. Then you could have written (if you still felt it appropriate) "The River Seine runs right through Paris". Similar comments might apply to your description of Prague and its river. Next the Guinness Museum. Are you sure you can get as much as the black stuff as you want. When I went there was a limit of two half pints per entry ticket after that you had to pay. Perhaps I am missing the point. Relating to the comments on the Northern Ireland situation and your illuminating bus ride. You talk about the "English Government". There is of course a government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but no "English" government . This is a minor detail for some, but it is important in the understanding of the "Irish Situation". After all, if England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all had their own governments, maybe the "Irish Situation" would be different. The reason I mention this inaccuracy is that it's something about which I have a little knowledge. If you are inaccurate about things I know about, perhaps you are also inaccurate in matters of which I am entirely ignorant. The result is that I am slightly less trusting of anything you write. The thing I liked best about the journal was that you frequently gave prices of tickets, food, museums, which allow one to estimate the costs of any journey one might oneself which to undertake. Some of the directions you gave for finding accommodations might also very prove useful. I suppose what I'd like to read is either something longer and slightly more literary than typed up journal notes or a basic list of prices of relevant to a traveler's budget projections, perhaps with notes of where you stayed and whether you'd recommend it. Anyway, the most important thing is that you traveled and got a lot out of it. I'd be interested to know what you are doing now and thank you for making your journals public.

Edwin Richards

Great job. Some viewers might not be as interested in prices. It would be nice to give the user the option of reading the journal with or without the expense breakdowns that are interspersed with the text. Good luck on your next trip!

Michael R, Texas, USA