Wowwwwww!!! This journal is really captured my complete attention! I've been thinking and trying to plan a trip (unfortunately not as extensive as yours) for a while now. I've been trying to soak up any and all information about traveling in Europe, and this was informative for me. But I'm also considering just going to one place and experiencing that one place more than if I just visited for a couple of days, get to know the culture more. Thanks for sharing your travels!

Ellen Mary Pucciarelli

I traveled europe via backpack and eurail train. I found most intresting are the people themselves-thier personalities. If you can capture these I think your pages will do even better. But I must say you did a good job so far.

Michael Alexander

loved the story...brought back memories

I visited thailand and nepal last nov...i was on a volunteer service outside katmandu...had a, it was very nice visiting "online"...I 'll be back in oct....and yes, i cant' wait...

real cool pages...keep it up....

bill richman

First, as I started to read my thought was: "Oh man that's typicall Amereican. Always quote price and so on." But the I realize that it's kind of good to have that kind of information.

Overall I'd like to say, very interesting and you pulled me more on the side of going on my own trip.


Dietmar Lembke

Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to keep this page up.

Mike Wyatt

This web site is unbelievably helpful. I am leaving for Europe in two days and this info I obtained from your trip is invaluable. Thanks.

Rob Burgess

Hi Russell,

I read the story of your RTW trip. It was interesting and humorous. Good to see honesty in writing. I know some countries are rich in history and culture but sometimes they are just plain dirty and dangerous also. I live in Honolulu and I'm sorry to hear you didn't enjoy it too much. It is expensive. I don't have many suggestions for travelers because finding inexpensive groceries and other items is even a big chore for residents.

Good job. If you have any good travel sites please pass them along.

Dear Russell,

I'm just getting started in reading your journal.

I downloaded the text and am going through it a few countries at a time. I'm at Australia at the moment. I find it great reading as I know your experiences, feelings, and thoughts so well. I returned from a year's journey outside USA too. I have 1700+ photos. I traveled to coincidentally 26 countries too. My travels were primarily in Europe mostly Western and Eastern, and the Middle East. I see myself so much in your journal, as mine has similar verbage on hostel experiences food, conserving $, etc., etc. I could really put together a page just like yours. Anyways, when did you travel? What year? Also your comments on cities and places to stay are great reference. I'll have more comments later as I peruse your ATWJ.


Blair Jadwin, Southern California

I found your journal absolutley facscinating! I could hardly tear myself away from it when my turn on INTERNET was over. Your writing reminds me of Peter Jenkin's books (the man who walked across America, etc.). I loved the insights you presented about the various countries and people you met. You really let your readers know the "nitty-gritty" of how it is to travel outside of a group. I sure hope that you do expand this into a book. I went to Egypt last year, and have to tell you that that is one trip you absolutely have to make! I was with a group from a junior college (we came with an Egyptologist) and had a trip of a lifetime. I would go back to Egypt in a minute if I had the opportunity to do so. Thanks again for sharing your trip with the rest of the world.

Betty Shubeck

Reading your journal is very very interesting, often even exciting. Sometimes it reminds me to cities an countries I`ve already visited (Hawaii, Australia, most European capitols, also Malmoe), other times I`m dreaming of places I`ve already planned to go (like Fiji, Hong Kong, New Zealand).

I was surprised and a little bit disappointed that "Fiji sucks". If you ever come back to Germany (and you do not run out of time and money) please stay in Bavaria (with it`s capitol Munich) to see a lot of its very beautiful sights and landscape (by the way: I did several trips to foreign countries before I recognized many beautiful places in my own country).

Good luck!

Hans Buberger, Bavaria, Germany

Thank you for the interesting reads. I lwould like to read and listen those stories about all over the world.

Every year,I go to foreign countories by myself. When I deside the distination,I consider some theme to go around there.

As for me, the info is very very important and I would like to let me know a lot of info. NOW,I have many many good info by your reads and I have a lot of plases where I wish to visit.

Thank you very much.

I am looking forword to your next reads !! And more and more fotos I expect!!

sincerely yours

yukiko kato

Hi! Congratulations on your very interesting site. I appreciate all the time and effort to document your trip. I was in the Air Force and traveled around Europe. It has been awhile since I've traveled. I'm a teacher now and have to rely more on my memories than recent travel experiences. I always wished I would have done a better job documenting my adventures. I have thought too, of going back and doing a better job. You have impressed me and inspired me. I plan to go to Korea in the summer. My dream is to go into China and then take a train to Vietnam. I think that would be fascinating.

Michael Leyba

I thought I'd start reading about your travels beginning with England, just to check whether you were objective. :-) I liked the description of Parliament! I'll start reading from the beginning of your journey now. Thanks for writing and Webbing your journal.


These pictures make me want to home for good. I'm currently doing my work placement for 1 year as part of my university req. I sure do miss home. Think I'll go back next summer when I'm £400 richer

cheers people

Adzreen Aziz

I liked your article and I found it very informative. I would like to see more info. thanks

kathy kellovich

I like the page that you put up. thank you for the information.

nathan Aronson

Yes, I finished your whole story in one night and then I wrote you a lovely long reply which my web browser for some reason will not let me import and which is too long to re-type here. So suffice it to say that I enjoyed your journal very much.

Regards, Julia

I really enjoyed your log. My mother taught me to keep a record of all the family vacations we took, and I still do. Your trip brought back memories of the one month tour of Europe my college roomate and I took after we graduated. It was one of the best things I've done, learning to rely on yourself when you walk into an entirely unknown situation. We rode the Eurail, stayed in Youth Hostels, and tried to live on $30/day. I also enjoyed your description of Greece as my husband and I honeymooned their this May. You and Kathey should be very proud of yourselves. What a wonderful adventure!!

Alexa Grauch

I only had a quick reading trough jan/feb/mar, but I will definitely go back and read more before my trip to South-East Asia... (Thailand,Malaysia, NZ, Vietnam, Burma, etc...) It was very interesting and enjoyable to read about your experiences!!! Nice stuff, mate!!!

Andreas Martensson, Sweden

Awesome! You got through a trip like that with three companions and never once came close to tearing each others' heads off? Friends! True friends!

But otherwise a charming tribute to the Great Road Warrior, Tony Wheeler, in whose Naked footsteps so many millions have now walked as to erode into the face of this far from lonely planet such deeply backpacked ruts that our true landscapes are now all but invisible.

I'm Malaysian, too.

Rehman Rashid

Never in a million years would I have guessed that anyone would do what you did and live to write about it! I read your story avidly and with great delight, laughing at your adventures, sighing heavily at your misfortunes, all along jealous of what you were courageous enough to do, but I can only dream about. Truly a work of art for all to enjoy. Thank you for taking the time to document your trip. And welcome back to the real world (heh, heh).

Randy Green

Well, I FINALLY finished. I have enjoyed the content in your pages and I have a extra-special reason. Oddly enough, when I started reading I thought "wow, I want to go RTW, too!!!" But I also knew that this takes considerable planning, Not to mention the Muula. This was in August. A buddy I ran into over the summer called soon after I started reading your page. Get this: He was planning a trip to Thailand!!! Well, long story short we're leaving in November for three months for Thailand and I may go to Burma. Your page is helping me get in travel mode and so... THANX. I just wish I had a mate to share with, let alone who would be interested in my "crazy foolishness" I hope you get the idea. Anyway, I hope all is well. The only place on your trip I have ever been to is Dallas. Good luck on all your future journeys and just think how much more fun it will be when you can bring your youngins.

Best regards,

PS. I believe the world has much more significant problems then the availability of hot water.

John Roehsler

I really enjoyed your whole article! I couldn't wait to finish it. My husband and I want to go to Europe; we're especially interested in the castles. But we can't rough it like you did.

Holli Weller

This is really neat. My family and I vacationed in Hawaii year before last and going through your tour kind of took me back. I plan on visiting Hawaii again in a couple of years. I havent seen the rest of your site yet, but i am looking forward to "Traveling" with you and Kathey very soon.


Dear Russell:

I loved reading your journal. Presently I am applying to Graduate School, with hopes of being accepted in the Spring of 1996. If this happens according to plan, I will quit my present job and take about three months to travel around SE Asia, (skipping Australia/NZ/Fiji) starting in HK and working west into Nepal, India and on to Greece and France for a "real" vacation to close out my adventure. Your journal is really inspiring and a terrific find on the Net.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Some (luckily not all) of you Americans think your country is just the greatest thing that happened to the world since the invention of the condom! If some European countries and/or cities are too much tourist-dependent for you (like Venice), why don't you go the hell back home and stay in your oh-so-great country and inflict your obnoxious behaviour on your fellow contrymen? I am tired of stupid American tourists thinking that wherever they go, they can run around in beach attire and generally not respect the customs/traditions/way of life of the country they are in. If your staddard of living is sooooo high and it is sooooo great to be in the US of A and everything else is so unlike home, why don`t you stay at home? You could go visit the great, oh-so-proud-of memorials of the Civil War (man, they are so old, damn, what a great tradition!) and rather not bring you tourist dollars to the tourist-dependent cities, because they are better off without you! Take my word for it:! do not go abroad, because the world is tired of suckers like you.

christian felder

Thanks for the pictures. I used them to create a ninth grade world geography bulletin board.

bre and rob

Wow!! I logged into your site at approximately 9:30 a.m. on October 11 and couldn't stop reading until I left work at 4:00 p.m.. (I must mention that I do hotline trouble shooting for a new Canadian federal government program therefore I surf between the calls!!)

I felt that I had been on a whirlwind tour with you and your was totally exhausting but left me with a comfortable familiar feeling of having known you, Kathey, P and U. How wonderful an experience for you!! I have no idea how you managed to go back to a work routine after must have been brutal!

I admire you and Kathey for having a dream and actually living it! Kudos...! Life is so short that these are the moments in time that will stay forever... Well, I have no idea if you have been on another trip since this one, but from what I could gather from your comments, I am sure you have or are at least in the planning stages for one?? I would appreciate if you could send me the address for your next trip catalogue....I would love to go on another fantastic voyage with you :)

Salut from Ottawa, Canada.....

(name withheld by request)

My husband and I did a 9-month cross the US trip when we first got married and have since then done other "shorter" trips. The travelling is so addictive. I envy that you did around the world and I was happy to read about areas I have wanted to visit but felt too apprehensive to try without better information. I haven't read everything, just parts about india. Despite all the negatives of travel stuff I would still like to try it. Your writing helps to put into perspective what to expect and yet I can still enjoy other things about it. Thanks for the journal - it's great.

Robin McQuiston

I just wanted to let you know that I found this journal to be exciting as well as educational. I am studying abroad in Spain next semester and I have recently begun making my own travel plans. Reading your journal has definetly given me a few "must sees" around Europe. I just think it is so wonderful that you both have such a sense of adventure, and tolerance. I would just love to be able to do the same someday!

(name withheld by request)

I am 47 and your journal took me back to my 'trip' with my first wife. I just hated you in Hawaii but you felt like old friends by the end as you gradually dropped your AMERICAN outlook

By the way, Hawaii and Waikiki are truly different. You need to go back and see the other islands! Truly different and remarkable with live volacanoes and lots of places without tourists!

Thanks for posting your trip, it is beginning to inspire my long suppressed wanderlust.

Brian Taylor, Vancouver, BC, (Canada)

Hi! I just finished reading your "Journal" and I LOVED IT! I've done alot of travelling too but the idea of doing it all in one chunk...lovely! I can understand how hard it is to return to "normal" life after being away. My longest trip was for 2 months. You've made me reconsider my future plans.....hmmmm. I loved the pictures! It was really enjoyable "travelling" with you. It strengthens my resolve to go to India, someday. A good friend lives in Hong Kong and that's my next destination. Thanks again for sharing your travels!!

So when's the book coming out?



Now I don't need to go to those places you visited!! An excellent story. Great use of the net!

Take care.

Marty Hoban

very good.


Wow. I thought that was awesome. I traveled over there a bit two years ago and i thought it was awesome. Then when I read this it brought back all the momories and i thought that i was going to cry. It is so awesome.

i was just wondering (you might already have it on this title page but i haven't looked very long yet) are there any tips you might have for doing this. because i fell in love with doing that when i was 17. I was a exchange student in Germany for 3 and 1/2 months. Ever since then i have only wanted to go back and now i'm applying for a job over there to nanny in Berlin.

I was talking to some friends of mine and they were teasing me because i am going to college and getting a degree in German to be a migrant worker, because after i'm done i just want to go over there (to europe and the meditereaniean) and hang out and work. I think that it would be awesome to work for a farmer in Greece for a year or so, learn Greek and live there with him and learn about their culture and everthing there and what not. Then move on to another area like the French rivie along the coast and live there for a year and then so on to Egypt and to turkey and Italy so on.

Because It would be soooo cool and that is so far the only thing that i have found that i'm interested in - kind of what you did. I guess that i'm saying if i ever get to the point you have any tips on how i could do that or get arround there with out much money.. to give you a little back ground on me I'm now 20 and will be one class short of a German major in May. I have fallen in love with foreign cultures and love to learn more about them. I am determined to go back and to travel around and try to learn as much as I can a speak or at least understand as many foreign languages as i can or can afford to learn in school. I would appreshate a reply thank you.

Jon Lien.

Thanks for sharing your journal. My wife and I will be traveling to Europe this summer to visit our foriegn exchange student, Filip. Filip lives in Warsaw, Poland. My wife and I are going to spend about 10 days on our own traveling in southern Germany before going to Poland. While in Poland we will travel to southern Poland and down to Prague. Your comments about Prague were refreshing. Filip said Prague was a beautiful city, but to here an American say the same thing is encourging.

Thanks for taking the time to share all your travel tips.

Duane R. Moses

I found your journals very exciting to read. I was on exchange in France in 1992 and also got to take part in some travels. I would like to do some more travels soon. Sounds like an excellent time.

April Eyre

I did like it, but It is amazing not to find not even one latin american country in your list. I live in Toronto, but I was born in Nicaragua. I think is time that people like you start at least to considerate that we are part of this planet and specially in the american continent.

ronald benard

I think this trip was a fabulous idea. I'm reading it on Thursday, November 2, 1995. My boyfriend just left last week for Australia(BOOHOO!) He is travelling around Australia and backpacking it, nonetheless. Him and a friend of his are "seeing the sights together". I noted a few of the places that you visited and will be sure to tell him to check them out. Australia sounds like a beautiful country. They are trying to see as much of it as they can. They have bought a car with some other guys they met there.

I think this trip is really going to change him and give him a great experience for a lifetime. Terrific writing and I just happened to come across it the day after I talked to him from Australia. I can't wait til he calls again to tell him about your article. See ya , and Happy Travelling!

christa little

I've only gotten through September, but I had to write to say I'm really looking forward to following you around the world. I've travelled quite a bit in Europe, but still haven't gotten beyond. Sometimes a bit of inspiration is all it takes. Thanks for the nudge!

Mike Wasinski

I thought your photo album was wonderful. I REALLY want to save my money now. Seeing other people go around the world, makes the trip seem more possible. Although right now, I would be happy just to go to Europe for three months. But someday...

Oanh Dang

Keep writing! It encourages others (including me) that our thoughts may be useful, somewhere, to someone: and most importantly, to yourself.

Dave Dawson

Wonderful to read about your journey having been to some of the same places. You have done a great service to the traveller and it takes real courage to do what both of you accomplished. Good luck on the next trip

henry lange

Hi, I'm a native 'Oustralian' and I really enjoyed reading your comments on Australia etc. I'm glad you think Adelaide is dull and uninteresting because a lot of Australians agree. Next time (if there is a next time) try and get down to Tasmania, it makes a complete contrast to Cairns and is very beautiful. And if you are planning to come over again, give me a yell (or E-mail).

Good luck to you in future travels.

Andrew Murdoch


I just read part of your Round-the-World journal, and happened upon the following piece:


But I'm really tired of hearing about polls taken of American kids showing that they can't even find Europe on a map. Europeans expect all the world to be as familiar with European geography and politics as they are. But they have a hard time naming more states than Texas, California, and New York. And there are very few cities (and no countries) the size of ours--but they're always quick to point out the homeless and the violence in our gigantic cities like L.A. and N.Y. And one last thing before I step down off my soapbox--there are so many countries trying so hard to not be like America, but are filled with American movies, music, TV shows, clothing styles, and fast food chains. America is everywhere! I've seen so many shirts, all over the world, with things written like, "U.S. Air Force", "USA", "American Football", and in Asia, even obvious rip-offs like "Dallas Redskins" with the colors green and white! Even the souvenir stands often sell caps with American cities and football teams on them. I have no idea why a German tourist in Venice would buy an American football cap. The fact is, there is no other country in all the world that has either the influence or the high standard of living that America has.


I must admit, the biggest kick I get out of reading travelogues is often how much they reveal about the writer and/or the writer's nationality. Typically, if they are American, there is always some point in a travelogue where they start spouting about how great America is, even though it's totally irrelevant to where they happen to be,and usually is full of inaccuracies or distortions. You didn't disappoint.

>there are very few cities (and no countries) the size of ours

You must be joking. What was that comment about poor knowledge of geography? If even a (presumably) educated person like yourself can make a completely incorrect statement like this, what hope do the schoolkids have? No wonder they point to Iowa when asked to find 'Central America'.

Both Canada and Russia are geographically far larger than the US. Europe has more people. So does China. And India. China and Australia are also similar in size to the US.

>homeless and the violence in our gigantic cities like L.A. and N.Y.

There are many, many cities larger than 'gigantic' LA and NY - both in terms of physical size and population, and few come near to the degradation and depravity of the poor areas of those cities.

>But they have a hard time naming more states than Texas,
>California, and New York

Yeh, right. I could easily name 10 more. Ask the next foreigner who emails you, if you don't believe me.

>there is no other country in all the world that has either the
>influence or the high standard of living that America has.

Influence, yes. But so does the school bully.
High standard of living, certainly not.
I know it depends on who and where, but the US contains many decrepit areas that you would not find in a civilised country like Holland or Japan. The violence, disease, poverty, social problems, and AIDS infection rate of New York city and Washington deeply affect the 'standard of living' for the people who live in those areas. The Japanese are just as rich - or richer - by material standards, but do not fear to walk the streets at night. I think America also sucks with regard to food, education (except for the select few), medical conditions, and TV.

>I've heard so many stories about loud, stupid Americans

Be afraid.. be very afraid. They may have been talking about you.

In my humble opinion,


PS Feel free to include this letter on your web page. But I suppose you won't.

I'm reading your journal (I've read as far as Bangkok) and felt compelled to tell you how wonderful I think your trip was. Funny you ask if the reader will start saving all his/her money for a trip like yours. I've saved the money and am itching to go. I just can't seem to find it in me to take off by myself. Unfortunately, none of my friends have the money to go, though all of them say they want to go. Do you think it would have been possible for you to take the trip by yourself? I've read of people doing it but I'd be interested to hear what you think. Thanks for putting together your jounal, the pictures are especially nice, I get a lump in my stomach when I read the journal and see the pics.


Chris Greene

At first I thought I was reading someone's depressing account of the trip they made as I read on I started to enjoy the small details you wrote down and some of the pictures included (could use more Pictures). I started reading your page because I have two brothers living in NZ in Rotorua and Whakatane. No one will ever tell you about the sulfer smell!! I did laugh, felt sad and enjoyed your story. I am sorry to hear about Fiji. I pictured myself sitting on the beach, like you sad if that is all you do, it may be OK.


Frans Geerlings

Your pictures look great! How did you get them to look so good?

Hi there!

Just a quick word - I think you've done a great job! It brings back a lot of memories... And it's good to see some different shots apart from mine! Thanks for the trouble!


Hello Russell -

Yes, I enjoyed reading about your adventures; brought back memories of our trip some time ago.

You will be glad that you guys took off and traveled; more so as time goes by.

Where is Kathey's side of the story?

Thanks for making your thoughts available.

Take Care -

Chuck Sorensen

It's an under expression, your pictures are fabulous!!

J. A. Abernethy

Great photos! I just came back from an 11 month 35 country odyssey myself and though I had a great time, I'm kicking myself because I didn't bother to learn a little more about how to take good pictures or even to invest in an SLR (though I was occasionally glad I only had a point-and-shoot - like when I was robbed of $1400, but my camera was left untouched).

Marc Gray

Great javu (similar to the scenes that I saw while I was in Acapulco). Someday I hope to see as much of the world as you have. Chao.

(name withheld by request)

I've just finished your story. It's great to see how you changed from the beginning to the end. So far I've spent 6 months in Europe, (two separate 3 month trips, 2 years apart), and actually made it to Egypt the 2nd time. Have also been to parts of South America and am going to Galapagos Islands next week. My goal, however, is to do a world trip. Your story has given my girlfriend and I inspiration to prepare to do a world trip together. During your whole trip my life was in turmoil and crisis (which included running away from NY to SF). It was great to follow what you were doing each day while my whole life was changing. Wild and unpredictable things led me back to Europe in the summer of 1992, and I landed in Amsterdam the same time you were there. Have you been to Africa yet?

Scott Anderson

[ Scott! I tried to reply to you, but you forgot to give your email address. -- Russell ]

Sounds like a great trip ... didn't get a chance to read all of it, but it sounded very similar to my European tour this last summer. So, do you ever wonder why you wanted to get home so bad, but as soon as you did, you wanted to get back on the road (at least that's the way I interpreted your final thoughts)? I had the same exact feeling.

(name withheld by request)

I think your pages are the BEST of all the travel sites! I downloaded it into pagemaker, formatted it and printed it out (32 pages) for my son who is working in Japan and planning on doing some traveling in the Asian - So Pacific area. I took an Internet course at the college and one of our assignments was to do a web page. I included your site, hope you don't mind. Incidentally I got an A in the course.

I am retired (old lady) and planning to do some traveling in the near future. I live in Bend Oregon, if you ever get this way give me a call.. you can camp out here.

You have a lot of people visiting your site. Have you thought about placing some ads on it or publishing it into a book. I was in the marketing and publishing business so am always looking for ways to make extra $$$$. Good luck to you both, I feel like I know you.

Audrey Scannell

I love working on the internet, you can learn a lot of things, but I just coudn't stop reading the journal of all those different countries. Great!

(name withheld by request)

This was really nice!

I have to come back later on because today it's christmas eve, so i have to celibrate with my family and some others from now on.


magnus hammarstrand, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Wow, I felt I was on vacation. I loved all the pictures, it was truly beautiful. I have visited France, Germany, and Spain, however, I did not take such pictures.

I envy you and your wonderful vacation. My goal someday is to visit the great forest, if there is still a forest.

Again I lived a vacation through the pictures you submitted here, I enjoyed them all. Thank you for the wonderful insite of beautiful sights.

Brad Hammond