Brisbane UGLY???? You've got to be joking!!

Brisbane is far and away Australia's BEST CITY... So I don't want to hear any more of this blasphemy...

At least you developed an appreciation for cricket, a fine sport indeed -- something my wife Kymberly (A YANK) has yet to develop, even after living here for 8 years!

I DID enjoy reading your travel diary though and I'm glad you enjoyed your stay down under!

Kind regards,

PS Brisbane now has a really nice casino and hotel located at the top end of the Queen St Mall in the city, housed in one of the old goverment buildings... A really classy place... You'll have to come back....

Joseph Eiby

I haven't finished the trip yet (after staying at work until 7pm) but I'm having a great time! It was fun reading about Melbourne, my city, and about Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and Singapore, all of which I've visited. It's a pity you didn't get to the Victorian coast which is beautiful. I suppose you'll just have to come back, now. The photos are great, really clear and bright. I love your pronunciations, too. I can't remember if MEL-bun was included. If not you have a civic duty to add it because bad things can happen to people who say Mel-BOORRNE. I'm looking forward to reading the rest trip and any subsequent ones you might take.

(name withheld by request)