Comments--New Zealand

G'Day Mate!! I really liked your journal. I spent July and Aug of 1994 in New Zealnad on the North Island, mainly in Auckand. I loved hearing about the familiar places that I had been. I agree w/you that Rotorua sucked. I think you missed out on Lake Taupo and the city of Taupo---it was great. I went tandem skydiving there and some of my friends did bungy jumping. The lake was also beautiful, w/some of the best trout fishing in the world. I was luck enough to get to go skiing on Mt. Ruapehu (Whakapapa ski field) twice. We also hiked to the top of Ruapehu to Crater Lake, which was amazing. Great report. CHEERS!!!!

Jane Bauer

I very much enjoyed your report of NZ, as I can remember the US well enough to find the differences funny. I am now living in Guam (North Pacific) and it is great to read about my home over the Internet. The pictures were great too, I've been to all those places as well.

I'm happy to see people showing the world how beautiful NZ is and how weird it can be! And that it should be vistited by all!! Too bad it's so out of the way from everywhere. Thank you so much for your report, I enjoyed it very, very much. Best of luck on your next trip and I'm keeping my eye out for the report on it.

I also lived in Hong Kong for a year and enjoyed your section on HK!!!!

Monty Engs, Guam

I was in Austr & NZ in 1990. Nice to read about somebody else's experiences. We snorkled on a trip from Cairns to the reef, and went to Auckland, Waitomo and Queenstown.

In Waitomo we did what they advertised as "Black-water rafting". This is floating through one of the cave systems in an inner tube. It was the highlight of our trip.

Dan Lotto