Hi Russell

It's 3am 22/10/95. I was about to logoff when I happened to stumble on your interesting travel journal - very well organised. Being a Malaysian, I can understand all your apprehensions before leaving for this trip. I have travelled to your country, Europe and other parts of Asia-Pacific too. I am truly glad to hear that you have realised that travelling through Asia would give you a different perspective in people and cultures.

And also, having browsed tru' the comments, I am also pleased to hear that those who have similar plans (or already did) will put Malaysia on their itinerary. We welcome all to our country. You would find that a lot has changed since 1992 and still changing. Next year, the tallest building in the World shall be ready - the Petronas Twin Towers in KL. By the way, should you intend to re-visit, I would be pleased to offer any help. Also, I am willing to do a home exchange too.


Lin Poon

I enjoyed reading your travel journals although it felt a little bit like intruding into your thoughts. Well anyway, I am a Malaysian who is quite disappointed that you didn't find Malaysia to your liking. I'll be going back to Malaysia this summer (mid July) so if you ever decide to go to Malaysia during summer, feel free to contact me. Maybe having a native as a guide will give you a new perspective on Malaysia. By the way, in your journal you mentioned that Malaysians speak good english. I guess that's not surprising considering english is our second language and is taught at schools across the country. Too bad you did not go to a state called Kelantan - that's the cultural center of Malaysia. Well, better luck next time!

Mimi Mohamed