Comments--Hong Kong

Great story!! I liked the pictures as well. This has inspired me to do somewhat the same thing with my just completed trip around Vietnam on a motorbike.

Do you really think that NZ is like the states in the 50's. I disagree. Also, if you think HK is cheap you should try living here. It's more expensive than anywhere else in the world :-)

Look foward to your next foray.

Shaun Munro, Hong Kong

Oooh...this is nice stuff. Or should I say "very great stuff!"

BTW that "wavy snack" you had in Hong Kong is made of flour, sugar and beaten eggs - they sure taste nice! Can't wait until my Easter holiday in HK! (I was immigrated to Aust. from HK)

Maybe someday someone will write a "Around-the-Solar-System Journal" as good as this one!

Roger So, Melbourne, Australia