Enjoyed it tremendously! We spent three months on Lefkas in the Ionian sea, 30 miles south of Corfu in 1994. I am retired and the people so nice, the place do pleasant, the sea/mountain scapes so beautiful I wanted to consider it the end of the line and stay 'til I die.

We visited Athens twenty-some years ago for a week or so and found the Plaka very interesting and enjoyable. Last year we did find Athens too hot and too full of air pollution -it was summer and feel off season is better there as well as most other places. I prefer Europe in the late fall or winter!

My wife was doing something else last time in Athens and I found an empty restaurtant at the top of a department store located on Town Hall Square. The waiter put me on the balcony which delivered a fantastic view of the Parthenon. I sat there for a long time stunned by the beauty and realization that, was it before Christ?, some who lived then looked at that hill and conceived what could be done there and how to do it. Do you suppose we have really contributed anything so lasting with our sky scrapers? I think not. I asked myself if, 2000 years from now will those who follow us ask why the hell we didn't restore it? Should we? I wish I knew!

We have spent twenty one years in Europe, Africa, and Asia. At Arista I had reason to give my ethnic origin and I pointed to my heart and said "Greek" and then pointed to my 'butt' and said English. Our first time in Greece I saw the same sign all over Athens and finally succeeded in sounding it out. It said "chocolate". I said to my wife that if someone would teach those bastards the alphabet, I could read Greek. I mentioned that to a Greek doctor. Not recognizing the irony I intended he explained that the we are late commers in the alphabet business!


Thanks much for a pleasant recollection.

Ya 'sou