Fiji does indeed suck with one exception: if you're underwater. You think Mystery Island was bad - try Castaways $350/night for nothing special or Treasure Island $250/night for even less than nothing special. Haven't you guys ever heard of Cabo? Think of this - for the money you spent you could have had a first rate time in Paris.


An FYI about Fiji. The place to stay is Club Fiji. Granted, the food is still expensive, but hey, it's an island, and not a self sufficient one at that. The people at Club Fiji are great, they offer cheap run around trips to the other islands for the day or longer. To anyone who's thinking about dropping by Fiji, I'd highly recommend it, was definately one of my favourite stops.

Jo Lucas, Canada

Cool journal. I did the same trip as you through the Pacific during 94. Too bad you really shafted Fiji in the diary though. Place to stay in Nadi is "Club Fiji." People are great, they offer a day trip to the islands off the coast which is an incredible deal. I think if you relax a bit, realize you're not at home, the culture IS different (not necessarily bad) you'll have a fantastic time in Fiji, I know I did. It's a barter system, people will rip you off - if you let them. Hope you go back some day and give it another try.



I was very interested and could not stop reading about your adventure. I'm glad you mentioned at the end that Fiji was not so bad once you look back at Asia.

I was sorry to read of your unpleasant experiences in Fiji. However, I do take offense to your general comment that "Fiji sucks". I'm sure you will agree that your experience does not warrant a comment that applies to the country as a whole. Especially if you're going to announce it on the web. So, to balance things out, I decided, as you asked, to put down a couple of comments.

First of all, I can only suggest that anyone who expects to go to Fiji with a "schedule" definitely shouldn't expect to have a good time. After all, "Fiji time" IS Fiji - that is what makes it unique! It is the essence of Fiji. Actually, it's not really unique to Fiji at all. Most island nations are the same way. That's why things such as stress, heart attacks, psychiatrists, therapists, foods that are in, foods that are out, anorexia, bulimia, serial killers, etc., etc., don't figure very much in the life of the average islander.
Why should it?
He's not driving himself into an early grave so that he can live as fulfilling a life as he already does on "Fiji time".

Also, as an island nation, you should be aware that most of Fiji's food is imported - hence the high prices. If you go to the Carribean you don't expect to eat for a song! Why should it be different in Fiji? In any case, what is your definition of expensive? As compared to where? To what? To whom?

And I'm amazed that you got scammed for a couple of dollars but what did you expect? Someone to carry your bags for a smile? Is this what you expect when you visit other countries? If so, let me know where.

Anyway, now that I've got that out of my system, I feel better. To anyone else out there, don't take this Fiji journal too seriously - I'm only sorry they missed the "real" Fiji. If you don't believe me log on to Now THOSE guys saw the "real" Fiji!



Interesting thing you've put together here. I've traveled most of the same places (including specific hostels etc). As far as Fiji goes, you missed the mark by a mile. There are ideal small islands to go and kick back for cheap. Tavawa on the Yazawa group is a case in point. $15 FJ a day gets you bungalow bed, 3 meals, reef from shore, and great company. Fiji is like any 3rd world country, you have to meet it on its terms (patience, flexibility) to enjoy it. Venaka.

John Schmit

Rather disturbing to read your Fiji and Asia pages. Lots of talk about how much everything costs and almost nothing about locals you met or tried to meet. the give and take of travelling extends beyond your dollars!

M Gallini

I unfortunately didn't have time to read your whole travel account. (I am supposed to be working) I've read the parts on Malaysia and Thailand with much interest; my soon-to-be husband and I are going there in 4 weeks for our honeymoon. In 1992, I spent 6 months travelling in New Zealand, Fiji and the Cook Islands. I was surprised to read that you really did not enjoy Fiji. Perhaps my experience was better because I went there at the end of my trip. I saw it as "a vacation to get over my vacation". I was really pleased to read that I wasn't the only one to have the occasional "going home for a day" dream.

I really enjoyed your travel journal. It made me want to drop everything and do the 6 month - 1 year trip again.

Anne Pigeon, Canada