[ I received the following during the absolute deluge of visitors when the journal was listed as the Cool Site of the Day. The message is completely unedited, including the somewhat unique version of the signature. -Russell ]

Where is the cool site then? All thats here is a journal? I liked yesterdays cool site better!


I'm still going through your journal - wow! My boss just figures I'm doing alot of overtime!

Jo Lucas, Canada

Hey bud,

I found it! Took me travelling around the world to find a site, but finally got a chance to view your work. Very impressive. Paying by the hour here and you're gonna cost me a fortune!! Grr ;-)

Keep at it. I'll be competing soon when I get home, heh heh heh.

Talk to you when I get back (sometime around end of Dec looks like...)


Sean Connoly, in Cork, Ireland (at the moment)

[ I met Sean in the newsgroup (way back before it was split into several sub-groups), and he read my journal when it was only on paper. He took off in October of '94 for a 14-month trip by himself, and returned in December of '95 with four journals of his own, which are now on his travel site, -- Russell ]

I'm wondering if you saw my live performance at one of the Darling Harbour locations. I noticed the James Craig ship was still in Darling Harbour when you were on your trek. It's now been removed to another location as they had not found sponsors to complete its restoration.

I'd love to spend more time following your world tour. My site is

From Down Under,

Ken Davis

[ Yes! We did see Ken in Darling Harbour, and even took a picture of him playing there! -- Russell ]

Dear Russell,

I have not finished your journal but it was sure nice to read a travel journal by someone who had some life in them. I am presently planning a trip and was hoping that you could be of some assistance. I would gladly send you some of your favourite candy bars or some really excellent chocolate for your services. Please E-mail me back if you are interested!

Have a TOTALLY excellent day!

(name withheld by request)

I live in St. Louis Missouri. I have lived here all my life. Until now that was OK. I dont think that I can stay here now. I enjoyed the comments and the pictures. I will be back to see the rest of the journey. As well as planning one of my own. Thanks

(name withheld by request)

I was on the verge of tears reading this journal. Something really hit me. Maybe it was the way it reminded me of my own backpacking through Europe. I have never quite gotten over that. I think that there is no better way for you two to start your life together. I wish I would have had that opportunity. Good luck from here on out. Let us know how Africa and Egypt are.

Colette Comeau

I am very interested in the trip you have made. I traveled without any camera in french guyana and reunion island. I felt really free but when i came home my family and my friends asked me for photographs. I hadn't one except some postal cards. I think the camera is a prison, having just your memory to remember compells to not forget what you have lived and you have only your brain for that. Now, i think it's better to show a little number of photographs to friends or like you do on internet to wake up in people's mind a real desire to travel and experiment life (and travel life in this case). Showing postal cards you bring back, allows you to travel without any camera and people you meet don't feel observated. On an other way you don't wake up desire in front of people to have the camera. It's less heavy and more healthy like that, don't you think?


[ Another traveler brave enough to travel without a camera! Take a look at the Introduction page for my thoughts on this subject. -Russell ]

Honesty counts in a Journal, and you get high marks from me.

Your Journey counts in the American Road collection of recollections among those of Jack London, George Orwell, Henry Miller, Jack Keroac, and all those lesser-lights that have illumined the literary scene since.

Life is a snapshot, and you have taken one. Good shooting, Russell.

Roger Templeton

It is 2am and I have been up 28 hours since working Friday night. But my 12 year old son and I found this site and can't stop our travel through all the countries via your wonderful photos. I am as much in awe as he is..thank you, you have brightened our day/night by sharing your treasures with us.

God Speed.

Wendy and Marshal Lockman

Loved it! It took me a long time to get through it - a lunch break here, a lunch break there. It's funny, I can remember going to Kathey's farewell party but couldn't tell you when it was. I also remember thinking I should buy the journal because she just HAD to write it all down. I was running late that day but stopped at the Bookstop anyway. I was buying the journal for Kathey but decided to go with something sturdy and practical that would survive months of traveling in a backpack instead of a flowery, pretty thing. How well did it do? I'm so glad you did write - reading it was very enjoyable!

Rachel McKenzie

[ The quote at the top of the September page is from Rachel--she wrote it on the inside cover of the journal that I ended up using instead of Kathey. Thanks Rachel, for the journal and for the quote which inspired me to keep writing every time I read it! -Russell ]

Hi there!!!

Robert is calling from Sweden. Great story with the pictures included. I missed the photos in the book you sent me, so this was great looking through. Hear from you soon I hope.

Robert, Åsa and Jonathan.

[ Email from friends in the journal--I love it! -Russell ]

Have only been able to briefly browse your work/travels so far, but find it very compelling. I'm especially interested because I did a first-time abroad journey for 19 months in 1990-92, not as extensive as yours, for I lived a winter in London and a second winter on Lesvos, but travelled solidly for the summer in between. The big deal for me was doing it on a budget of $100 per week, which I managed on all but the London winter...which was covered by the sale of an article series while there. For the 16 weeks through Europe it was a cost-cutting, sometimes hell-raising adventure. I wrote a book on it, too, and intend to get it on the Web, as soon as I can figure out all the techniques. So if you find it convenient to be in touch on that, I'd certainly appreciate it. I'll be back to dwell further on your material. I was cued to it by a friend now in Hawaii. My journey was made, by the way, when I was 64.


Irv Thomas

Inspirational! Awesome! Intimidating! Thanks so much for letting me feel like part of the travel team. That old saw about "walking a mile in my shoes" comes clear because you have allowed me to experience what being in your shoes was all about. Went to Italy in October '93 and wholeheartedly agree with your views and insights, except Venice. Anyway, now kids are chanting for dinner on the table, and I'm lost inside your story as I have been for the last several hours. Since being diagnosed with malignant and high grade cancer and undergoing a limb salvage and radical resection of my left leg with a not-so-great long term prognosis, I feel that one of the most profound experiences I can leave my children with is the experience of international travel. I'm a single parent and have been for over six years. My sons, Weston and Ian, are 11 and 9, and my daughter, Megan, is 7. My plan is to do a home exchange with someone anywhere in Europe for the months of June, July and August 1995. With a home base, I feel it will be possible for me to travel via Euro Rail throughout Europe for those three months with the kids. Would greatly appreciate your comments on whether your experience indicates that to be a safe and viable possibility. Also, do you know of people who may like to come to Denver, Colorado, and experience the Rocky Mountain region for the summer? Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me vicariously live your grand adventure! When can we expect the next installment? Any and all info will be greatly appreciated. A great fan,

Sharon Ferreira Mickey