There's more to life in England than boring old buildings!Damn yanks


Haven't had time to read all of it yet (my Web connection is at work and so I have limited time in one session!!) but found it very interesting - although I have never travelled so extensively, I have visited Japan, Australia, Sri Lanka, Kenya etc. with my husband when he was at sea and always kept a journal so that years later I can read and remember....

I feel you should have spent longer in England though - you wizzed through without even touching the Midlands or the North (I live in the north west) Try to come back one day and see some more - it's beautiful here (and the sun even shines sometimes) :-)

Best wishes from England

Val Robbins, Liverpool, England.

I spent a couple of hours on the net reading your interesting journey. I am English myself and the photo taken across the road from Kings College Cambridge made me cry a little because Cambridge is my spiritual home. I lived around the corner from where you took the photo in a place called The Friar House, opposite the Eagle pub. You must have gone to the Eagle! Look, I could ramble on for hours. I love people who get out and travel. I did all mine in the Merchant Navy 40 years ago and I still dream of all the smells of the Carribean and the grotty ports around the world. Good luck to you for what you did. Its the best education you will ever get. Kindest regards.

Stan Pierce, Australia